Dining & Bar

The Wangaratta Club has been a favourite venue for locals and visitors to the city for over 100 years. The Bistro, Bar and Function Rooms coupled with cheerful staff and a great atmosphere make the Club an ideal spot for people of all ages to eat, meet or just relax with a cold drink.

Our dining area can seat 70 people comfortably. Kick back and relax in the comfortable surrounds and enjoy a meal or snack and after work drinks in comfort.

Our Bistro is a popular spot for lunch or dinner and is air conditioned for all year round comfort.

The Bistro and Function Rooms can also be hired out for your next function. It's an ideal spot to hold an informal get together for large or small groups.

A birthday party, even your work party or celebrations of any kind can be catered for. It's an ideal, affordable option for smaller intimate groups.

Larger gatherings for any private functions such as weddings, conferences or a wake can all be catered for.

Contact our Bistro direct on Ph 0357 222 188 for table bookings.

Members receive a discount on meals when their membership card is presented.                              MENU

                                                                                                      Breads, Garlic, Chilli Cheese M$7.50   NM $8.50
                                                                                                      Chilli Cheese & Bacon Bread M $9   NM $10

             Cob Loaf oil & Balsamic, Garlic Butter  M $9.50  NM $10.50

M= Member

NM = Non Member



                                                                                                                                                                                Soup of the day—Served with Garlic toast M $8.50  NM $9.50

                                                                                                                    Southern Style Chicken Tenders with Peri Peri Sauce M$15  NM $17.50

                                                                                     Prawn Dumplings or Scallop Dumplings  or combination of both M $15  NM  $17.50        




From the ocean



Seafood Platter  Prawns & scallop Dumpling, Mussels, Fresh baby clams,

Beer battered Fish S&P Squid, Crumbed Calamari served with chips & Condiments M$35  NM $36.50


Atlantic Salmon  Salmon Poached then smothered in lemon dill Hollandaise  M$28  NM $29


Beer Battered Flathead Served with chips  & salad tartare sauce & lemon M$22  NM$23.50








Supreme of chicken stuffed with roasted pumpkin, Fetta, spinach & Almonds M $26.5  NM $28.50

                                              Parmigiana—Rich House Made Tomato Sauce with Bacon & Cheese M $23  NM $24.50

                                              Schnitzel– served with Beef Gravy M $21  NM $22

                                              Kiev Bone In Garlic & Herb Butter M $25  NM $26.50

Served with Chips and Salad


                                             Camembert & Pistachio stuffed Chicken Mignon - served with Creamy Mashed Potatoes

                                               Vegetables and a mushroom sauce M $26.50  NM $28.50 (GF)

                                               Chicken Satay – Mild satay sauce served with jasmine rice M $21.50  NM $22.50

                                               Crispy Chicken Salad – Warm slices of crispy chicken blended together with crispy bacon

                                               Parmesan cheese mixed salad and crumbled corn chips M $22  NM $23


From The Grill

      300 Gram Certified Black Angus Scotch Fillet M $28  NM $29 (GF)

      400 Gram Cattleman’s Ribeye M $34  NM $35 (GF)

      300 Gram New York Cut Porterhouse M $27.50  NM $28.50  (GF)


                                                               Served with Chips & Salad and choice of sauces

Sauces (GF)

Mushroom / Pepper / Diane / Gravy / Garlic Butter

Seafood extra charge of $5

Sides $6.50

Vegetables / Chips / Mash / Salad


Vegetarian Options


           Filo   Filled with Baby Spinach, Ricotta, &Sundried tomato and a side of chilli jam

Served with chips and salad M $26  NM $28.50


                           from The Ocean

           Salmon Wellington Filled with Camembert, Dill & Lemon pepper and Salmon Fillet M $28  NM $29


           Grilled Barramundi - served with Salad, Fries, Tartare sauce and lemon M $27.50  NM $28.50 (GF)

           Atlantic Salmon – Supreme cut of Salmon Poached then smothered in a Dill & Lemon sauce

           Served with Seasoned Wedges and Garden Salad   M $28  NM $29

           Beer Battered Flathead- Served with Chips & Salad Tartare sauce and Lemon  M $22.50  NM $23.50




Old Favourites

Eye Fillet Wellington Filled with fresh Pate, mushrooms, spinach served on top of pepper sauce

And served with chips & salad M $32.50  NM $34.50

           Hand cut Baby Veal Cordon Bleu served on top of mushroom sauce &chips and saladM $26.50  NM $28.50

           Beef Lasagne- Served with chips and salad M $23  NM $25

           Roast Of The Day - Served with roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy M $21  NM $22.50  (GF)

           Bangers & Mash – Thick Beef Sausages on a bed of mash and vegetables topped with Onion Gravy M $23 NM $25 (GF)

           Slow Roasted Lamb Shank –Served on a bed of mash and vegetables napped with Stock Gravy M $24 NM $26 (GF)

           Beef Tortellini Carbonara – Tossed in a garlic sauce with bacon and mushrooms M $22  NM $23.50

           McLeod’s Thai Beef Salad – Tender slices of Beef Tossed with variety of ingredients

           mixed with Grants special sauce M $24  NM $25





Finish your Evening off with a Local Fruit & Cheese Plate $15.50 per person, 3 cheeses

Liquor Coffee $12.50

For our Dessert Selection please see our wait staff